Erase Power Lines from a Photo without any graphics skills

Sometimes power lines crossing the composition spoil an otherwise perfect photo. An exciting gothic temple, a beautiful mountain panorama, or a gripping night cityscape slashed by ugly wires hanging in the air can be upsetting. Indeed, we rarely have a chance to revisit those places to take another shot, and often we just can't choose better perspective to render the power lines invisible.

With Inpaint, erasing power lines from a photo is easy as clicking a switch!

Step 1: Open the photo with Inpaint

Step 1: Load the picture into Inpaint.

Step 2: Use the Marker tool to select power lines

Select the Marker tool on the toolbar, then set the diameter of the marker by clicking the arrow near the button. Set the size of the marker to 2-7 pixels, depending on the wire thickness in the photo.

Use the tool to select the power lines you want to erase. Note, if the marker doesn't select the entire line, or if it selects too much of it, you can always undo your actions and set another marker size.

Step 2: Mark the power lines which you want to erase.

Step 3: Run the restoration process

With Inpaint the entire process takes as little as 1 minute, and you don't need any specific knowledge or tools!

The result? A perfect image without electric wires!